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Bowl of Light

You are now able to add a hot stone session to your massage :: These stones are known to help relax your muscles and can lend their energy to the work. Some Stones are cleansing, some are energizing, Some carry the energy of the Ocean. Lets talk about what I have here in this bowl on how to use them.

Rose Quartz This stone provides a nurturing energy to the work, this is especially helpful if you have issues with loving yourself, recently in a break up or feeling a lack of youthful glow. Connecting with the energy of the maiden or Youth, it provides a gentle healing to the body. Rose quartz is often applied with low heat.

Carnelian Is a stone that is used when wanting to inspire action in your life, when you need the extra oomf of passion, a little encouragement from the heart of carnelian will get your inner juices flowing and allow for greater creativity in your work. Carnelian has excellent stability and is used hot.

Rhodonite Helps manifest cooperative connections to others, also great for help in seeking the perfect relationship no matter what the reason. Business partner? Rhodonite. Love interest? Rhodonite. Need to further heal your heart? Rhodonite. This stone will help heal and clear the wounds of the heart. Medium Heat.

Amazonite A powerful stone to help with issues of communication. Soothes anxiety and aides in public speaking. You would use this stone when you need to get out there and communicate to others clearly and efficiently. Used Cold or no additional heat.

Labradorite Will stimulate the mind, allow for manifestation of your visions and dreams. Labradorite is a stone of prophecy and initiation, a protective stone to battle nightmares. Labradorite is used warm or unheated.

Black Tourmaline Is considered the best stone to remove negativity and is a highly purifying stone. This stone is not rubbed on the body or heated. It is simply placed in the bowl below your face while you are in the prone position or placed on a specific area needing it.

Marine Stones do most of the work, these stones have been gathered and cleansed by me with the help of my Kumu. They carry the energy of water, flowing, releasing and cleansing, they hold heat well and I have many different sizes. Some are large and great for the Glutes, Some are small and great for the toes. These stones have traveled the world many times over and they wait here for you. I always use Marine stones in a hot stone session as they can be used at any heat (Within reason) on almost any body.

At the end of the session I turn the stones out of my bowl, symbolizing letting go. The stones are then cleansed and thanked for their work.

What to book a Stone Session? CLICK HERE Stones will add an additional $30-$60 per session and will also add time to your massage, more info on that is here.

Please note, when you book on the link, it asks for credit card info. Your card will not be charged then. You will need to bring your card to your appointment. This helps us prevent fraud, and from getting clientele that do not want to leave their information for nefarious purposes.

Hope this page helps,

Jennifer Teixeira

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