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What to expect? 

If you have any specific pain in any part of your body, feel free to inform Jennifer and she will provide a detailed massage to help with this issue. She can also give you a full-body massage to help increase blood flow and encourage healing in your body.

A shorter massage session lasting between 30-60 minutes can be focused on the problem area. It is worth noting that the most commonly requested area for massage therapy is the neck and shoulders.


Intuitive Focus Massage

30 minutes: $55

60 minutes: $100

90 minutes: $150

120 minutes: $200

Relaxation Massage Full Body

A full body 

60 minutes : $100

90 minutes: $150

120 minutes: $200

Hot Stone Add On:

Additional 15 minutes: $30

Additional 30 minutes: $60

Nurturing the Mother Massage

60 minutes: $100

90 Minutes: $150

(Hot stone is not recommended for Prenatal massage)


Herbal Massage Ritual:

2 hours: $300

Contact for more info

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