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Aloha, Lomi Lomi And You. What is it?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

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Alo-Ha means to share breath. Often said to mean both hello and goodbye, but it is much more than that. When you look into what Lomi and Aloha mean, it is about having a Pono Life or a life in Alignment with oneself.

There is within this the art of compassion, loving touch and talk story of the journey of life. Just as the phrase goes, those who cannot hex, cannot heal. In Lomi Lomi Massage Those who can break bones, can also heal them and put them back in alignment. This took not just Physical Strength, but wisdom as well. This means, meeting each person at their point on the timeline of their life.

Each person is in their own timeline meeting with their own struggles and joys.

The work will involve prayer and this is an example of a traditional prayer (With English Translation) Pule'

Ma Ka Hikina E :::
Ho’o puka e ka la, ma ka hikina e- Open the Pathway to light
Me Kahua kai, hele no tumu tahi - set the foundation, move the sea
Ha’a mai na’i, I wa me hi’i’Aka- Summon source to travel the spine
Ma ta Po la kai, ka ulu wehi wehi-Sacred po directs the way to glory
Ne’e mai na’i, I wa ma ku’u alo- Move the divine force, open 3rd eye
Ho’i noho e te tapu me na Ali’i e-Come Dwell sacred Bloodlines
E ola makou, A mauloa la’i- We are life, eternal universal clarity
Ea la. Ea la ea, e Air and Light

There are stories that give us insight on why we may feel hurt or sick.

“Bowl of Light” (Tales from the Night Rainbow)

There is an ancient Hawaiian story that says that each child has, at birth, a bowl of perfect light. If she tends to her light, it will grow in strength and she can do all things; swim with sharks, fly with the birds, know and understand all things.
If however, she becomes envious, jealous, angry, or fearful, she drops a stone into her bowl of light and some of the light goes out. Light and the stone cannot hold the same space. If she continues to put stones in the bowl, the light will go out and she will become a stone herself. A stone does not grow, nor does it move.
If at any time she tires of being a stone, all she needs to do is turn the bowl upside down and the stones will fall away and the light will grow once more. And keep turning the bowl, every time you feel like the stones have gathered.

While each island will have their own unique style the Lomi I learned is bone deep.

Lomi Lomi is a deep tissue massage. The purpose of this type of massage is to reach down to the level of the bones. It is not just an upper layer muscle treatment. It is accessing the spiritual resonance of trauma from your ancestors and bloodline that resides in your bones. A simple visual that I often refer to is what can be called “Bone Cleaning” Your therapist is literally moving muscle away from the bone. Often this work can be direct pressure to move the cramped up muscle and scar tissue away from the skeleton that may be restricting motion. In Lomi, any and all of your chronic injuries are related to some kind of trauma from your familial line. For example, each individual vertebrae can represent an ancestor of yours in the past, and if there is injury, it is up to you to heal this trauma in your lineage; both physical and spiritual are tied here. It is a sign to do deep work to heal this trauma. Sometimes it is emotional trauma from your own life, but often it is related to a family member. In Lomi Lomi massage the forearms are used, sometimes rocks, sticks, feet and herbs are applied as well to help with this physical and soulful work.
In a typical Lomi Lomi Session with me I will offer prayer for your ancestors to help in this healing, I begin at your hips and move around your sacrum and trochanter, and gradually move my focus to the area in question; or if too tender I will work the neighborhood of the injury or pain. I will do what is called “Moving the Water” in your body to flow through you, allowing you to move freely, feel and see your path clearly is part of the work. Just as A dammed up river will flood and cause destruction, so will the fluid in your body if it is not allowed to move freely. This is your blood and lymph. Massage is well known to help with circulation and the flow of Lymph throughout the body. Your lymphatic system is responsible for creating and storing white blood cells to help combat diseases and infections that can affect your health and immunity. Your blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to your body, helping the lymphatic system in its movement of waste. While Lomi Originated in the Polynesian Isles, In these places where it is tropical, it is most often warm, where we are in Humboldt California, is it warm?
not as much! Heating pads and warm therapies (Hot Baths, Hot Stones, warm compresses etc) can be used to relax tired and sore muscles. Warmth feels like comfort, and it is a welcome addition to treatment of stagnancy in the body.

My teacher is Jeana Iwalani Naluai on the Island of Maui. this is the lineage I have training in.

Bone Breaker,
Healer, Shaker,
Inner seer, Life Maker
In these Bones,
I see the truth
The blessing you seek
from old to youth
within and without,
around and about
of all the time,
without a Doubt.

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