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Creating a deeper connection to body with plants and chants.

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Within my practice, you will find the use of herbs infused into healing oils that I prepare myself, This is a type of botanical Bodywork.
I grow, harvest, dry, infuse and apply these sacred medicines; from the earth to your body this is invites a beautiful grounded energy to the work.

From pain in your shoulders that may represent a feeling of burden being placed on you to addictions that

arrest your sense of control. You will be eased into a process of releasing traumas that you have held onto

(and have held you back) for years.

Bodywork helps connect you to your body, and allows you to let go. It sounds Simple enough, but involves

the first step. These inner feelings of resentment, fear and instability can live within our physical bodies

causing us to feel blocked from achieving our goals and desires.

As a High Priestess and Devotee of the Goddess I can connect you to your inner self, and show you the

path, giving you the torchlight to see the obstacles ahead so you can break them down with confidence.

In a Herbal Massage Ritual session we will discuss your needs, I will give you tarot reading to look into

what you may need emotionally in your life,

You will be blessed with bundles of herbs from head to toe.

Prayers to the Goddess inside will be spoken or sung out loud to ignite her within you.

On the massage table we will work on your Somatic Body, I will not engage in any conversation, But

may sing songs of healing into a portion of your body that needs it.

You are encouraged to bring up any emotion or thought when you are on the table. You will be in sacred


If you are interested in this type of massage you will need to contact me directly as it takes a lot of

preparation to create the right session for you. This session only comes in a 2 hour increment and is $300.

Consider it your own personal ceremony of healing. All respectful Individuals are welcome because

we all come from the Goddess of Creation.

Feel free to email me at fromthefigtree AT gmail dot com if you wish to book this kind of session. It is not

listed on my booking page.

I work out of Mending roots massage in Eureka, California.

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Jennifer's body work is truly magical. I have received multiple massages from her,which have all been incredible and powerful. As her fellow Priestess, I can attest that this woman is very devoted to the Goddess and will channel down the cosmic energy to bring holistic dynamic healing to anyone who encounters her. Jennifer's knowledge of herbs, the human body, and the Goddess combine perfectly to bring long-lasting benefits. I highly recommend her! ~Quetzal

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