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Rituals of Restoration

I began looking for guidance in creating a ceremony for my massage therapy offerings, and I really didn't find anything for me. There is lots of information out there about massage, but nothing that sets a sequence you can do for your clients that creates a sacred space infusing elements of ceremony and massage. I began to write my thoughts on paper as an outline of how to work on a client in this way. The notes got longer and more in-depth, so I thought it would be an excellent booklet for someone interested in this type of work and may already have experience as a massage therapist or Priestess. Massage therapy itself is a powerful ritual that can ignite transformation. Infusing healing thoughts and skillful bodywork can bring about profound physical and spiritual changes. But taking the extra step to acknowledge the ceremony of it can make a huge difference in transforming negative thought patterns.

Massage helps you get your mind right. Massage Ritual Helps build healthy habits.
So, my search for a guide that could help me culminated in creating what I wanted to see in the world. Because "If that which you seek, you find not in this world, then you must strive to create it."

So, I present my newest book, "Rituals of Restoration: Exploring the Power of Massage" by Jennifer Teixeira.

If this is a book for you, you can click on the cover to find out more information on how to purchase it!

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