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Saint Johns Wort

Saint John's Wort harvest happens right at the solstice, and it is named after Saint John, who is also celebrated at this time. I came upon a little bush of it just in time, and I was Overjoyed! I filled my basket with as much as I could because it was just the little yellow parts of the flower that I wanted for my topicals. When you pick the little flowers after a while you will notice that your hands begin to have little red freckles; This is from the constituent hypercin, which is the part you want in your topicals. The Saint John's wort is most known for its help with depression, but it is also an excellent remedy for nerve pain when applied as an oil or liniment. So the window for harvesting this little flower is short, but it is a treasure; just imagine that bottled sunshine on your body during a massage. It helps you heal from the outside in. May cause photosensitivity when applied topically, so it is extra nice to use in the winter months.

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