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The Power of Solomons Seal in Promoting Healing and Wisdom

Last night I had been cleaning around the house, and I hit my hand on a dish or something, I didn't feel it right away, but a few hours later, I felt a pain in my joint in that area. Since my work as a massage therapist involves my hands, I was a little worried, but I remembered I had a bunch of dried cut solomons seal tucked away just waiting to be put to good use.

Solomons seal is used topically to help with joint, tendon, and muscle health, it is slightly warming and can encourage healing in the area with which it is applied. So I made a big batch of oil. It is relatively easy to make and smells like baked cookies when done. I just use a simple base oil of grapeseed with chopped-up solomons seal and warm it overnight at 130 degrees, stirring every hour or so. Today it is ready to head to work with me, and I am happy to use this oil on folks as needed.

Traditional Spiritual uses of Solomon seal is that it can be used to encourage wisdom, success and growth in your life. Often it is used in an oil or made into a talisman to carry with you in times of need, or burned as an incense to encourage the power of the plant to be welcome in your space. Lots of folks use this when in school or having some major life changes that need good decision-making skills. Solomon seal has a great many uses and potential.

Solomons seal has many wonderful internal uses as well and can be made into a tea, tincture or syrup to help with lung disease, swelling, and skin conditions.

I usually buy a big bag of it and keep it for times when I need it, and it makes a tasty tea.

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