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Spruce Infused Oil

Spruce is an evergreen conifer that grows abundantly in Humboldt County. It has been known for its amazing healing qualities for centuries. Whenever I harvest the needles, I carefully choose the best specimens and thank the tree for its healing gift. After I harvest the plant, I can feel the slight stickiness of the resin on my hands and the healing energy that comes with it. I carefully harvest and chop the small needles and branches that they connect with and add them to a carrier (massage) oil like Sunflower or Grapeseed.  I do not add any essential oils to the oil. Instead, I only infuse the oil with the spruce needles to extract the full benefits of the tree. The spruce-infused oil is an all-natural alternative to pain relief and can be applied topically to help soothe headaches, sore muscles, and even reduce inflammation. It is an amazing infused oil that can provide much-needed relief without harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. 

Imagine starting your day with a peaceful walk in nature, feeling the fresh air and gentle breeze on your skin. As you breathe in the scent of spruce, you are reminded of Yule trees and cozy nights by the fire. The majestic spruce tree holds within it the enigma of the elements. It is an evergreen that never loses its foliage, standing tall and proud as a symbol of growth and prosperity. Its roots reach deep into the earth, firmly anchoring it to the ground, while its branches and needles extend upwards, reaching towards the sky. The spruce tree is a magnificent representation of harmony between earth and sky. Its resinous aroma can relax the mind, and its healing properties can help soothe dry skin and ease tense muscles, this makes it a powerful natural remedy. You can create a healing oil by infusing spruce needles in warm oil and blessing it with the magic of nature and your own hands. 

When applied topically, spruce-infused oil can give your skin a big boost of essential vitamins such as vitamins C, A, and E, which are vital for keeping your skin healthy and looking its best. Vitamin C can help with collagen production, vitamin A can promote healthy skin cell growth, and vitamin E can protect your skin from damage from free radicals. Spruce is also loaded with minerals like magnesium and potassium, which can help prevent cramping even when applied topically! Spruce also has antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties that can help protect your skin against harmful bacteria and soothe sore, dry, and cracked skin. 

Since I’ve connected with the spruce tree, I have been using the oil in my massage, and it has become one of my clients' favorites. The scent of the tree not only evokes ancient memories but also has an earthy, natural aroma that is appealing to the senses. 

Let this tree hug you back, and make yourself some infused spruce oil ASAP!  (Or come in for a massage with me :)  BOOK HERE IF YOU WANT AN AMAZING MASSAGE

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